Our Values

A professional animation studio like ours has obvious values such as: consistently delivering the highest quality work, putting clients' needs first, telling the story in the best possible way, and never missing the deadlines. But we are not stopping there!

People first

For creativity to bloom, you need a stress-free and open-minded environment. We believe that putting artists first over financial gains simply pays off.

On our deck, there is no place for discrimination. We will always support personal freedom and freedom of expression.

Fair pay

In Pickled Frames, we believe in fair and on-time pay.
So across the board, without any exceptions – we pay in 3 days. It applies equally to our employees, freelancers, and business partners.

We aim to compensate our employees and freelancers with salaries that exceed the "happiness level" for a particular country. (based on that research)

Vegan studio

We love animals, we love the planet. Thus we only take "vegan" projects.

We owe this to future generations, and there is no place for unnecessary cruelty in this world.

Don't wait for change, be the change.
Do you think the same? Join us!

Saying NO

One of our top priorities is to run the studio in the way we have the power to say no.
So you will never see us involved in:
- promoting gambling or scams,
- promoting coal or oil (only renewable and nuclear energy),
- supporting pseudo/anti-science,
- government-funded projects,
- political projects (except social issues).

Dominik Bartosik
Pickled Frames founder

"I strongly believe in setting clear and fundamental rules and values for the business at the very beginning.

Usually, we want to hustle at first, establish our brand, build a vast client base, achieve revenue goals, etc., and after that, we will run the company on our terms. And that creates a dangerous scheme that there are things like money which can dominate rules and values.

That's why I set fundamental values on the day I founded Pickled Frames. Every project, client, team member, and I are held to the same standards from the beginning."